What to do in summer in Puerto Escondido 

Mexico in general has a huge richness in natural attractions. Puerto Escondido in particular has a great abudance of them. 


Puerto Escondido is known for its beaches  of course, but also for its thick woods, unique mountain scape,        life-filled lagunas, rushing rivers in summer and generous waterfalls. The unique recreational activities are ideal for families and couples. Puerto has a large diversity of activities and incredible places for your summer break to  create lifelong memories.   

Take a Walk at La Punta 

Take a walk, go shopping, go out for dinner in Casamar's neighborhood. La Punta is still a small, relaxed neighborhood where you will find unique restaurants and organic food shops.

Enjoy the Beaches 

Puerto has a variety of beaches with different activities from surfing to paddleboarding to snorkelling or just to enjoy a grilled fish under a parasol.

Discover the Bioluminescence in Manialtepec Laguna 

Go for a sunset paddleboard tour on the laguna or a boat tour, enjoy the sunsetting onto the ocean on the sand bar before discovering the magic that awakens in the laguna waters as night settles.

Play Around 

From recreational water activities to discovering nature on horseback or hiking, Puerto has many memory-making opportunities for you and your family.


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