Hotel Casamar Suites - Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, 71980, Mexico
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Casita Sirena

1 King
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Room Detail

Casita Sirena is a private, one bedroom apartment with a private garden, perfect for 1-2 guests. This cottage was designed for long-term guests only and has lots of storage space. Enjoy the king size bed and private bathroom. The fully equipped kitchen is large and spacious with a reading/lounging couch area. From the kitchen you may come and go as you please with a front door to the street, or you can walk out into your private garden with a shaded patio and hammock. From the garden, enjoy your personal rinse station and there is another door which takes you directly to Casamar Suites Hotel gardens and pool. Access to Casamar facilities is included with the cottage, however there is a 6-night minimum to rent this cottage. AC with an extra charge.

Rates ranging from:
Weekly Rate: $59 to $132 usd night * 6 night minimum stay
Monthly Rate: $48 to $106 usd night * 18 night minimum stay

*These rates are variable depending on the time of year and number of guests. If you are bringing a pet, please let us know under special requests. AC with an extra charge. At this time these charges can not be applied during checkout and we will add it to your bill at check-in.